Before you spend a lot of money, spend
some time learning about intellectual property
and the best way to protect your idea

  • Learn as much as you can about intellectual property and make informed decisions
  • Research existing patents and compare your idea to those (just because a patent exists that addresses your idea, how they function could be completely different and patentable)
  • Decide to protect the idea yourself or work with an attorney that is approved

Intellectual property course
Video - $4.99

IThere are several ways to protect your intellectual property (your idea/design). To learn about intellectual property protection watch the 1 hr course by Entrepreneurship Professor, Dr Tomas Duening, Intellectual Property is often an important and valuable part of any new venture. However, many entrepreneurs fail to recognize that what they have created is intellectual property. In fact, nearly anything you create, whether it is a product feature or a business process, can be identified and protected as intellectual property.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to identify your venture’s unique intellectual property
  • The various types of IP including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyright
  • How to protect your venture’s unique IP
  • How to use IP to enhance the value of your venture
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Things you can do your self:

It helps to do some research on existing patents yourself to keep costs down. Once you have a working design concept with drawings you are in a position to pursue a patent. You can research other existing patents and compare to your idea at the USPTO . To keep costs down until you are ready to file a patent, Take your sketch of you idea, summary and description and then sign and date it and send it to yourself via certified mail. Don’t open it so you can offer it as proof that you came up with the idea and the timeframe that you did. That offers some protection in case you patent it later and someone infringes on it.

If your idea is pretty simple you can apply for a provisional, utility or design patent yourself on legalzoom yourself.

If you decide you want to work with a
Intellectual property attorney:

Be careful during this stage. There are good patent attorneys out there but there are also ones that will tell you how great you idea is in order to get you to spend money with them. Don’t relay on their marketability advice. We have worked with various attorney and have an approved list to work with. Provide the information to access the product and the patent needs to receive a cost estimate.


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