Before you spend a lot of money, spend some time
learning and evaluating your idea objectively

  • Learn as much as you can about inventing and what to expect so you can plan and make informed decisions
  • Get the skills to evaluate an opportunity and understand the value proposition
  • Research as much as you can on your own about your idea, its validity, its potential, whether a larger investment is a good idea

FREE 1 Hr video about Inventor Jim Holley that describes his inventing Journey and what he learned from it. ($19.99 Value)

This case study on inventing was produced by an educational company for colleges, libraries and other educational institutions and is now available for FREE on M4I. Business expert, author and entrepreneurship professor, Dr Tom Duening interviews and extracts invaluable information for new inventors. The video has 3 chapters:

Here is a few examples of what you will learn.

  • Chapter 1: Experience the inventing journey
  • Chapter 2: Lessons learned from the inventing journey
  • Chapter 3: Advice for new inventors
  • What to expect from your inventing journey
  • How to evaluate an invention and determine its potential for commercial success
  • How to develop and protect your idea
  • How to keep costs down
  • The pros and cons of licensing, OEM manufacturing, or bringing the product to market yourself
  • Tips to increase your odds of success

The 1 HR video includes a valuable attachment to keep with the main points and take always.

Take the course for FREE

Learn how to evaluate an opportunity
1Hr Video - $4.99 Buy NowInstructions to access your purchase

World Renown Business expert, author and entrepreneurship professor, Dr Tom Duening offers this course to help you learn to evaluate any opportunity in business. Use the information evaluate your idea. This course explores several essential techniques that you can use to evaluate an entrepreneurial business opportunity. You will learn to evaluate an idea from various perspectives, including financial, managerial and market size. Specifically, this course will enable you to:

  • Evaluate the market opportunity of a proposed venture
  • Scrutinize the capabilities of the management team to act on an opportunity
  • Understand and evaluate the financial future of an opportunity
  • Determine whether the risk of a potential opportunity is acceptable for you

Learn how to understand and define your value proposition,
1Hr Video - $4.99 Buy NowInstructions to access your purchase

World Renown Business expert, author and entrepreneurship professor, Dr Tom Duening offers this course to help you learn to understand how to define any business value proposition to help assess your idea. The value proposition is a fundamental part of communicating with your new venture’s multiple stakeholders. Customers, investors and employees all need to understand what value the venture will create and deliver. In this course, you will learn how to:

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Create a compelling and unique Value Proposition
  • Evaluate your Value Proposition and compare it to competitors
  • Use your Value Proposition to communicate with diverse stakeholders

Research and document in order
to evaluate your idea

Now you have the skills to properly evaluate your idea. There is some significant up front work required to save yourself from major mistakes down the road. We suggest that you take the time to go thru each of the steps below, write you information and conclusions and put together a compelling argument on the viability of your product, or the reality of its potential to succeed or fail. If you need help along the way or want to discuss any of the steps, contact us to schedule some time with a successful inventor that has been in your shoes and succeeded with their idea.

Things to research and consider:

  • You have probably done this but make sure you complete a rough sketch your idea yourself to picture or explain it. Create a cost effective prototype just to make sure it works.
  • Do consumers like your product (ask objective friends)
  • Determine your market size for your product (estimate)
  • Identify the competitive products and their features and pricing
  • How does your product compare with those competitive products
  • Do you feel confident that your product will work and can be manufactured.
  • What is required to produce it and what do you think the cost will be for production capability (estimate)
  • Estimate your product cost, wholesale and retail prices
  • Do you think is it unique enough to patent?
  • At this point is your objective to license your product or produce and sell it yourself?
Ready to develop my idea

Ask yourself, Is you idea worth pursing?
If so, then its time to invest with a working design/prototype


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