About Jim Holley

Jim Holley (CEO) founded Mentors4inventors to help inventors save money by doing things themselves and offer experienced advice from real successful inventors as needed. During is 20+ year journey he found that most inventing services hire non inventors to advise and exploit inexperienced inventors. Many tell the inventor that there idea is outstanding and will make a lot of money in order to get them to spend money on there services. They make money while the inventor does not. We do not believe in trying to up sell anyone. If we believed that the idea did not have merit or there were large obstacles to success, we will give you our honest opinion.

Mr. Holley started his career roughly 30 years ago as an Aerospace engineer but was not a fit for a 100,000 person working environment. He decided to invent his first product in 1995 and founded a company to bring it to market. The product was a 2 chamber formula bottle that won the Impex “best invention in the America’s contest”. The product was placed in stores with every major retailer (Walmart, Target, Kmart, BabiesRUs/ToysRus, CVS drugs and many others). He sold the product in 22 countries. Mr Holley went on to invent dozens of other products and has over 20 utility patents to his name. (link to view products, Link to view patents)

Over the years Mr Holley has been the CEO of companies that he founded and consumer products companies he did not start. He has sourced products in the USA, China, Thailand and the Philippines. During his long and successful journey, Mr Holley learned a lot, sometimes the hard way with costly mistakes. So he wanted to offer honest and valuable and affordable advice to new inventors. He wanted Mentors4inventors to offer advise from people that have done it, real inventors and real business experts so you can understand what is required to succeed. You take control of developing your idea with the available tools and experienced inventors are standing by to help as you need it.

Jim Holley and Dr. Tom Duening

“To be a successful inventor and entrepreneur it is important to have a good understanding of solid business principals.
Mentor, entrepreneur, author and Entrepreneurship Professor, Dr Tom Duening was one of the pioneers of entrepreneurship education. He combines his practical business experience with his teaching skills to deliver invaluable information, on demand and in an entertaining way. His entrepreneurship courses deliver the information new entrepreneurs need to know for their journey and succeed the first time.”

Dr Duening. Has been helping entrepreneurs to succeed for roughly 30 years.
His credential include:

  • Ph’d in business
  • University professor of entrepreneurship for over 20 years
  • Written 16 books on business and entrepreneurship
  • Started several businesses, including a worldwide successful publishing companies

Inventing club coming soon

Throughout your journey it will be helpful to interact with others on the same journey and to receive inventing and business tips along the way. The club allows access to other inventors in the club for their ideas, network and the things that have worked and not worked via a chat group. Receive valuable pod casts by experts on the subject of business and entrepreneurship. An inventor from the club will be featured on our web site.

An attend a free 1 hour monthly question and answer period online for inventors in the club with a successful experienced inventor (a $49.99 value). All at cost of $9.99 per month. Click below to become a member of the club. You can cancel your membership at any time.


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