About Jim Holley

Founder Jim Holley has invented dozens of consumer products, received 22 patents and started several companies to bring them to market. He has developed, produced and distributed products to every account in America and 22 countries.schedule time to talk with jim about your project

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We offer YOU the tools to develop YOUR idea
plus Mentoring from successful inventors

Evaluate your idea

Learn how to evaluate an idea and define your value proposition so you can validate you idea for potential

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Develop your idea

Access to professional engineering and prototyping to demonstrate how your idea woks and how much it will cost to make

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Protect your idea

Learn about the different ways to protect your idea and which one is right for you. Then get access to good legal help when you are ready

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License your idea

Learn about the pros and cons and the steps to succeed with a license agreement. If you choose that direction, get access to help to succeed

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Bring to Market

Get the skills to be a startup CEO and start a company that offers and markets your products

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Talk with inventor

Talk with an experienced inventor that has succeeded at exactly what you are about to do. Get the learning curve.

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Successful Patents and Products by Jim Holley

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Products by Jim Holley


Do it yourself inventing

Before you spend a lot of money, spend some time learning about intellectual property and the best way to protect your idea

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